Monday, February 7, 2011

Pet Peeves...Take Two

As I gotout of the shower last night, I realized there are a few pet peeves of mine that I forgot to mention.

So as I said, some of my pet peeves came to me as I got out of the shower. Why? Because as I stepped out of the shower, all clean and moisturized (baby oil is amazing! I highly recommend it), my legs silky smooth, in struts Choop the cat. I tried to run but my body wouldn't cooperate so I just stood there and watched as the cat made a beeline for my freshly-shaved, baby oil-covered legs and then he *gasp* rubbed up against said legs and trotted off, leaving copious amounts of long black cat hair stuck to my legs. The horror! The horror! I'm not sure why the cat insists on doing this every single time I smoothify my legs but I can tell you this much--it's definitely a pet peeve (ha I just realized it really is a "pet" peeve =P)

After wiping off all of the cat hair, I got dressed and then realized I was an idiot. See, before I get in the shower I take out my contacts. Well, like the idiot I am, I forgot to find my glasses before I took out my contacts. That may seem like no big deal but I'm pretty much blind without my glasses (I've reached down to pet a cat and then realized that the "cat" is really my backpack..or a towel...)so trying to find my them without being able to see is next to impossible...and yet I forget this almost every night! One day I'll learn...hopefully.

But...that's all for now folks!
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  1. Haha! I can totally relate to this. When I was living with my parents over the summer, I always had to be sure to close the bathroom door all the way when I was taking a shower. Otherwise, my hairy black cat would come hang out with me. The dog too. Ugh.

  2. ewww cat hair on freshly oiled legs! lol. how many cats do you have?? you always have a story about one of them!

  3. ewwwwww at the cat hair lol. I hate getting out of a hot shower stepping on to a cold floor. And I hate for people to wake me up while I'm sleeping. Oh and I hate when people who are driving turn out in front of me and drive slow, while I'm going 70mph. Lol ok thats enough of my ranting!

  4. @ Rachel: I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady--I only have 2 cats but they have a bunch of nicknames because I made the mistake of naming them when I was 8 and thought they were girls soo they don't really like their names =\

    @Tiffanie: you do realize my blog is about ranting right? Ha there's no such thing as too much (I hope =\) traffic for me is just a constant pet peeve yikes

    Thanks for reading and taking he time to comment!

  5. My grandmother lives with my mom and me, as does her ridiculously fluffy cat. My boyfriend came to stay for a weekend and reached for a towel as he got out of the shower... a towel that the cat had been using for a bed without our knowledge. Yeah, he got way more intimate with that cat than should ever be, even if it was indirect.
    Anyway, nerd factoid about cats: they rub on us to mark us with their smell as a territorial act, so when we are freshly showered and lacking their smell, well I guess we are asking for it. Heaven forbid we leave the house and another cat thinks we're "single". :p

  6. Ha I forgot about the whole marking thing! Ugh I hate when they use the teeth to do it... His breath smells like dolphin breath!

  7. Growing up I never had a cat. My mom was so not a pet person. But I've always wanted one. Now that I'm all grown up and live on my own I've thought about adopting a cute little kitty, but everyone says they climb on everything, and I definitely don't want cat hair on my freshly shaven legs. But they're just so darn cute!

    And I totally feel you about the whole glasses/contacts situation. Glad to see I'm not the only one that does it.

  8. Don't let my cat hair horror story deter you from getting a kitty! Have you ever seen Shrek 2 or The Emperor's New Groove? Awe

  9. This make me extremely happy that I DO NOT have cats!! Perhaps it would not have been so bad minus the oil??