Thursday, February 10, 2011

Uh Oh She Has Cats--The Ultimate No-No for Single Women

"Oh shit! I have a date and the guy wants to come over here! Quick hide the cats! I'll put them in the dryer for safe put the cat litter box in the closet! Hide all evidence!!!!"

"Uhm, Jennie, do you have cats or something?"
"Pft me? No! Why do you ask?"
" have cat dishes with cat food in them"
"Oh haha that! Funny story! My roommate likes to pretend she's a cat on Saturdays so ya know..."

Why is it that a girl can have 2 dogs and guys are like "aww cute dogs; I had a dog named Tits growing up" but if you have cats it's awkward silence and you can totally tell what he's thinking: "oh shit. she has cats! abort mission! abort mission!"

I have two cats and granted, I've never been called a crazy cat lady (although I was once told I would make a good Cat Woman (Halle Barry not crazy lady down the street with 30 cats), but it doesn't really change the fact that if you're single, a woman, and have cats, you ARE a crazy cat lady. Is that unfair or what? I mean surriously, I've had my cats since I was 8 years old and there's only two of them! It's not like I have a whole herd that I dress in drag and then have tea parties with them in my abundance of spare time! I treat them like cats! Spoiled cats but still....

One of my friends commented that I tend to have a lot of stories about my cats in my blog; trust me if you had my cats you'd blog about them non-stop! Crazy Cat Lady? Nah, try Crazy CatS' Lady!! Really! This morning I was cleaning and my cat Choop sat in the middle of the circular toy (the one with a ball in it)...just sat there! Or what about the time Sweetie wasn't getting enough attention (I was studying) so he decided to climb onto my neck and sit there! I swear they weren't this clingy when they were younger...sigh.

Try something for me: flirt like crazy with a guy and then drop the bomb: tell him you have cats (even if you don't) and watch as he holds his hands up and slowly backs away...

But that's all for now folks!


  1. I laughed out loud at: "Oh cool, I had a dog named Tits growing up."

    I have a cat and a dog and I didn't drop the cat-bomb on him until we had a doggy date (his dog played in the backyard with my dog). And at that point he saw how much maintenance the dog was that he would have preferred the cat.

    I've had to skip out on some get-togethers to run home and make sure the dog didn't pee all over the carpet and ruin it.

    You NEVER have to run home and clean the litter box.

    Guys should appreciate cats. Dogs can be total cock-blocks.

  2. I'm glad you liked it! :-)
    Very true--dogs can be cock blocks lol...and you're right no one has to run home to empty a litterbox. Although, if I'm gone for too long my cats will rebel...they're grumpy in their old age!

  3. hahahaha this is so true! and in our case, just because we happen to be crazy, and we happen to have cats, doesn't make us crazy cat ladies! lol.
    and whooo i'm the friend who said that! shoutout in the blog oh yeah!

  4. True that haha!
    Yep you got a blog shout out how cool are you?!!!!
    What do you think of the new blog design?

  5. I so wish I was a girl just so I could try that. Did you actually try to hide your cats when a boyfriend came to your house?

    Any idea why most prospective boyfriends avoid cat owners? It doesn't seem like a cat would be any different than any other pet, there's no reason to avoid cat owners but not dog/bird/fish/etc owners. (Or do most people not want any pets at all... in which case, good luck to you)

    As to your new blog design, your new font is kind of hard to read. It's otherwise pretty, though.