Thursday, February 10, 2011

Renaming the Blog?

(Note: this post requires reader interaction :0; don't be shy tell me what you think)
So I've been thinking about renaming the blog for quite a while now...I just don't think the current name really expresses the content of the blog; plus it's pretty wordy.
What do you think?
One title I've been toying with is: A Spoonful of Sarcasm...what do you think? Any suggestions?
Talk amongst yoselves. (old SNL reference).

That's all for now folks


  1. I love your current name... I fell like it expresses the content of my blog actually. But I also really like Spoonful of Sarcasm... Also expresses the content of my blog. When I decide to change the name to mine, I'm coming to you.

  2. haha okay!
    Which blog name do you like best for mine?