Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oxymoronic and Confused :/

This blog post has been a long time in coming. It's something I really need feedback and help with's hard to put into words so just hang in there...

Basically like (most) everyone else, I have different aspects to my personality. I have my serious side, my sentimental side, my nerdy side (takes up a lot of room), my kind and generous side, my humorous side and my sarcastic side; yep I have lots of sides. My problem is...what side should be dominant? I feel like at times, one aspect of who I am can steal the limelight and be at odds with another aspect of my personality...a while ago my (now ex) roommate told me that I was too sarcastic to be nice; let me tell you that comment hurt! I've always considered myself to be kind and caring; when I was younger I wanted to be Mother Teresa :-) I love making people's day and making them smile. But is my sarcasm overshadowing that?

Take this blog for instance, I want to be able to express my lighter, random side, but at the same time, I want to talk about controversial issues and things that are near and dear to my ALS and losing my best friend...

So what do you think? Is it possible to be nice and sarcastic at the same time? Also, at what point do you stop being nice? I mean, where do you draw the line and put yourself first and others second?
Your thoughts? I could really use some advice :-/ If you don't feel like posting a comment (even though you should =) you can email me at

That's all for now folks


  1. YES IT IS! I am the exact same way. And being really sarcastic like I am, I have the burden of many people (esp. girls) who don't realize I'm being sarcastic and think I'm a bitch and have a bad attitude. The only advice I can offer is to try not to be sarcastic around people who a) don't know you that well and 2) don't get sarcasm.

  2. it's like we're twins! lol
    Did you know that people who don't get sarcasm tend to be less intelligent (unless they have Asperger's/Autsim)

  3. It is most definitely possible to balance kindness and sarcasm. As long as you have good intent and keep your audience in mind, sarcasm is sometimes exactly what a situation needs to lighten the mood. Especially in your case, anyone who doesn't see your sarcasm as just a perk of your personality is the one who is losing out. I will agree that some people take sarcasm too far, but kindness and sarcasm are definitely not contradictory. It's just important that you be cogniscent of the people around you and the situation. :)

  4. Thanks Christin! I appreciate your advice :-)

  5. unfortunately, i don't have any answers to your questions. but i struggle with oxymorons too, like...
    how do you be open without oversharing?
    how do you be confident without being arrogant?
    how do you be nice without getting taken advantage of?
    i think everyone, especially people our age, have trouble with this. i think it's part of "growing up" ugh! in fact, if you do discover any answers, please share!! (i'm such a big help, aren't i? lol)
    btw, i like the new background!

  6. Thanks Rachel! I was worried the post made me sound just a wee bit nuts lol. But yeah...I really have trouble finding that line between being nice and being taken advantage of because I'm too nice--which seems to happen constantly! I'll let you know if I figure anything out; heck I'm meeting with my therapist tomorrow so maybe she can shed some light on the issue although she usually makes ne come up with the answers lol