Monday, January 31, 2011

Class Appropriate Dress

Class appropriate dress? Huh? What's that!?!
Yeah I feel like that's a question that many a girl in my classes wonders.
I'll tell you what CAD is not:
It is not showing up to class in a negligee leggings for your Social Psych class. Yes I realize that our professor looks like what would happen if Johnny Depp รก la Secret Window and Robert Downey Jr. (if he didn't dig the heroin so much) had a child, but that doesn't mean you should dress like a H-O! I mean surriously, if he looks like that, do you really think dressing to show your cleavage (or lack thereof) is going to get you a better grade, or for that matter a date? He teaches Social Psych, do you think he doesn't realize what you're up to? Sigh

Also, let me clarify something: if leggings are NOT pants, and tights are less opaque less structured leggings, it therefore stands to reason that: TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS! Get that? Do you read me? For the love ladies--just say NO!
Finally, girl in the Yeti boots (and tights): what were you thinking? I'm not lying, there was a girl at Starbucks wearing tan boots that looked like she had skinned the Abominable Snowman and superglued the fur onto the tops of her boots. Y-uck!

Oy but that's all for now folks!
I'm off to see the wizard--and by wizard I mean go to my BIO class.
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  1. omg when i went to school in harlem, girls would look like they were going to the club at 9am! hoop earrings, heels, tight clothes, the whole shebang. ridiculous.

  2. Lol yeah a lot of the girls looked ridiculous walking campus in stilletos & pumps. Like seriously, who are you trying to impress? Your 50 year old professor?