Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Blog Stuff!!

Thanks to the advice of an awesome twentysomething blogger named Lynsey (of Lynsey's Blog) I've decided that rather than change my blog name or feel limited to only blogging about certain things, I'm going to start some blog series if you will...
In addition to the utter Randomocity that I impart at irregular intervals (I'm working on making it more regular don't worry) I'm also going to be doing:

Tips on Tuesday:
Every Tuesday I'll be posting a series of tips on some related topic, whether they be cleaning tips, beauty tips, etc

Fun Fact Friday
Because I am truly a nerd, I'm going to be posting some not very well-known facts every Friday. They could be about health, psychology, nature or whatever. (remember the title of the blog haha)

Sunday Confessional:
Yeah I know... A non- alliterative title; I assure you I'm as disappointed as you are lol! As you can prolly tell, Sundays are goig to be a day when I reveal a few things you probably didn't know about me...even if you think you know me :-/ unlike the other series, this series will probably only last for a few weeks

If you have any other suggestions for blog themes or you just want to see me blog about something that I haven't...email me or comment!!!

Oo also, I'm going to be starting a blog for the sole purpose of raising awareness for ALS so keep an eye out for that!


  1. hey thanks for the plug! I'm glad you have some new plans and ideas for your blog writing. I hope they work out for you!

  2. Of course! What's the saying? Credit where credit is due?