Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello 2012!

Hello my dear readers! If there are  any of you still left!

I hope you all had a positively fabulous time this holiday season! Like most people I've reflected on the past year and resolved to do some things differently this year!

I think it's safe to say that this past year has been a life-changing year to say the very least; going from thinking and generally feeling like I was perfectly normal to getting sick over the summer and then finding out I have an incurable genetic disease that will bring degenerative changes, as well as a most likely permanent autonomic nervous system, was quite a shift in my perception of who I am and what my future holds. I went from being a conscientious student to being a patient...I've decided to take this spring semester off as well...

Well, this year I'm starting things off in Pensacola, FL taking care of my adorable three-year-old niece Annika for about a month and then who knows? I do know that I need to quit wallowing in my physical and mental pain and get on with things. The only thing I have planned beyond nannying is going back to school in the fall. I would like to take a true vacation where I can totally relax and not worry about doctors appointments, responsibilities, or feeling guilty if all I want to do is lounge around and read books!

I've also made some resolutions like so many other people!

  1. Blog at least twice a week
  2. Do physical therapy exercises every day.
  3. Follow doctor's orders: my new high sodium diet and other lifestyle changes for my POTS
  4. Live instead of exist!
  5. Journal every day.
  6. Get to a more comfortable weight.

Now here are my questions to you, my dear readers: What have you learned this past year and what do you plan to do this new year? Have you resolved to do things differently? If so, what? How will you keep your resolutions?

Hope to hear from you soon!! 

That's all for now folks! Keep reading!