Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Confessional Pt 1

I mentioned quite awhile ago that I was going to do something called "Sunday Confessional" on Sundays but I slacked off (blame my course load) so this is actually my very first installment! Some of the things I'm going to confess are hard for me to say so I'd appreciate it if y'all tried to be understanding about it all! That being said, these aren't going to be the juiciest of confessions because well, it's the internet and I'd rather not have everyone know all of my deep dark secrets! Anywho....Here. We. Go!

  1. I have OCD. I joke about it now but when I was younger it was so bad that I couldn't sleep, eat, or interact *normally* with people. Luckily for my peers though, it gave them plenty of material to work with for their taunting! Now, I barely notice my OCD!
  2. I think I joke around so much about myself because if I make the jokes, other people can't...think of it as a preemptive strike!
  3. I still sleep with my childhood blanket aka Wooby...but it's for "medicinal purposes." I get really bad migraines and when I get them I become really ridiculously sensitive to smells and my blanket smells me so when I get one I crawl into bed in the fetal position and put my blanket over my face to block out all the smells. 
  4. I broke my pinkie sleepwalking on my 8th grade trip to the mountains in make matters worse, I apparently went to everyone's cabin and asked them to take me to the bathroom. I then proceeded to fall down a flight of stairs (or something) down the side of the mountain which our "cabins" were built into and woke up crying in the bathroom! Fabulous!
  5. *Gulp* Despite my own religious beliefs, I sometimes think that the world would be a better place if there was no religion...STAY WITH ME HERE: religion and faith is something that people often are the most passionate about (and I'm not saying that's a bad thing) but so often, religion and faith is also the absence of   logic...religion explains the unexplainable and that can be a problem; when someone is so fervent about their beliefs (that usually defy logic) that they're willing to base their life around it and even willing to die for it...well that can be problematic. I think religion is, and has been, most definitely a component in a lot of conflicts between people and groups throughout time. It's the whole ingroup-outgroup thing and when people believe THAT strongly in something that isn't necessarily  rational...well it can be a mess. (Note: I also think religion can be a wonderful thing that brings people happiness and brings people together peacefully)
  6. I can't stand the song Born This Way by Lady Gaga! Don't hate me! Everytime it comes on the radio I scream "NOOOOOOOOoooo" and then immediately turn the station! Don't get me wrong, I like the message of the song but yikes it's just ugh! It reminds me of something you'd hear during the end credits of some made-for-TV Disney movie. Also, I feel like Lady Gaga is kinda exploiting her audience. It's no secret that a lot of her audience is made up of gay men and now she has a song called Born This Way...not so subtle
  7. Very few people know this but, my third grade teacher (who hated me with a passion) wrote in a report that she thought I was a sociopath. When I first read the report I was so hurt but now, it almost makes me laugh! I mean, if you know anything about me or are close to me then you know I feel things really deeply and that I empathize almost too much! (I also have issues with extreme guilt) When I was about 5 I hung up pictures of starving African children on my wall and went on a hunger strike because I thought me not eating would mean they'd get food. I used to "save" leaves that I saw blowing around in the wind because I felt bad that they were alone and cold so I'd shove them in my backpack and bring them home with me (it drove my mom crazy because at the end of the week when she'd empty my backpack it would be full of crushed leaves). Don't I sound like a sociopath?!

Sigh, but that's all! I hope you don't all hate me now! I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. I love Gaga, but I have to agree that the song is kind of MEH!! Don't like it too much.

  2. I love lady gaga--but I haven;t heard this song now you make me want to download it. Lol that you sleep with the same blankey..i think that is how I will be about my alumni blanket years from now! Good confessional.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love seeing new faces. And you should definitely look into getting a Nook. I promise you its worth it. I have the original version and honestly I think its better than the new all touch ones because the original feels more like a book. All I want to do on it is read and I don't get distracted with other things or feel like I'm just playing with a computer. I think you should go for it. It used to be impossible to read while in my semesters at college but I've read at least five or six books this semester so far. Go for it!

  4. PS I love your secrets/ confessions. I think they are all valid. I like the religion one and hey, Ive got a blankie too. I cant sleep with it anymore because it is so ratty i am afraid nothing will be left of it soon, but i still have to sleep with an old bear because if i don't have something to wrap my arms around when i'm sleeping ill never get comfortable. And hey, i think we've all had teachers say something about us - in kindergarten my teachers told my parents i should be checked for ADD. I'm about to graduate college now with two degrees. Even if those teachers were right, i think i did just fine without the diagnosis.

  5. That is soooo strange that a teacher was say you are a sociopath. Diagnosing is not a teacher's job! And I totally relate to being almost too empathetic.



  6. @Remy: THANK YOU! I hesitated to post that confession because everyone is so gung-ho about Lady Gaga and that song! ugh

    @Tiffanie: eh don't waste the money

    @Katie: Thanks for the advice! And I'm glad that you're doing well despite the labels that people are so prone to sticking on others!

  7. Hate you?! This makes me love you even more! I too have (self-diagnosed) OCD, but I know it's real. I too am empathetic, almost to a fault. I too hate that freaking Lady Gag song. And I too am full of self-deprecating humor, as if to beat everyone to the punch. I think we're twins. :)

  8. - i can just see you holding your blanket and being like 'no really, it's medicinal!!' lol.
    - girl, you have serious sleep issues! i thought i had it bad!
    - 5 reminds me of the family guy where they were all happy then someone said 'did you hear about that magic baby in jerusalem?' and then everybody starts stabbing each other lol. i wish i had the clip so you could see, it was on one of the new episodes. but i think they were making the same point.
    - born this way is a rip-off of a madonna song!! sounds exactly the same. so i don't like it because of that.
    - and sociopath?? lmao! what a whacko teacher. i can empathize with your too much empathy problem (lol!) but seriously, it sucks sometimes! but on the plus side, i think having that quality helps me be a better actress.

  9. @d'Artagnan: thanks! I didn't think it was her place either but oh well!

    @beanditch: YAY! My twin!! Thanks for the love...I could use more in my life!

    @Rachel: hahah at the blanket scenario lol! I definitely agree that empathy helps my acting but I haven't done theatre in ages!

  10. What a wonderful post! I'm OCD too you probably know and it's hard to deal with but once you grow up if you've had it forever you get used to it like you said. I don't really like Gaga she bugs the hell out of me as a person, I'm indifferent to her music. I get that way about the Kings of Leon song "Something something FIRE" is the first line and it makes me hate everyone when I hear it. Anyway, I love the last one about the sociopath and the leaves! Awww too cute!

  11. Hey!!! nice post , actually nice idea ...
    I had the same problem with my 5th grade teacher..she just hated me right from the moment we met ...But luckily she left my school in an year :)
    And pt-2 , is a gr8 idea gonna try that :)