Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the 7 Facts Blog Award goes to....

ME! Woot Woot Woot Woot (if my two year old niece were here she'd be doing the Woot Woot dance in my honor...I hope!

Anywho, a great gal and a fellow blogger named Whitney at (Un)Motivate(d) Me nominated me for this award.  Her blog is a "twentysomething's blog to find inspiration from a rather uninspiring life" and she writes about a wide range of topics: from products she's tried to ways to stay focused at work. So if you haven't gone and checked out Whitney's blog, you're missing out and you should go do something about that
The rules of the 7 Facts Blog Award are: 
Copy the award picture and add it to your blog 
Thank and link back to the person who tagged you 
Share 7 facts about yourselfPass it on to 15 other bloggers.
So with out any further ado, here are my 7 facts and the 15 bloggers who I want to pass this bad boy torch onto.

1. Job Indecision: Growing up (jeez how many times do I say that in my blog posts lol) when asked what I wanted to be when I "grew up" my answers were always changing. I started out wanting to be a biker (at the ripe 'ol age of 4...I had a Harley-Davidson leather jacket b/c I was a bad ass) then I switched and wanted to be Mother Teresa...upon learning this "fun fact" my mom said "so you want to be a biking nun?" Isn't that a nice lil mental image? Lol. After the nun phase, I wanted to be an actress/model/singer...I had a band (in grade school...we sucked) and I modeled kimonos in Japan ( dad's friend Julie took pictures of me posing in the hotel room in a kimono). After my stint as a world-renown triple-threat, I decided I wanted to be a veternarian...then a journalist, and now...a doctor, although I've always wanted to be a doctor...I just didn't think I could do it and isn't that ironic? I thought I could be Mother Teresa but I didn't think it was realistic of me to want to be a doctor. But I'm going to do it!

2. I Used to be Black in the 70's: I have no clue what that means but my mom claims that she "used to be black in the 70's;" my mom is fish belly, gleaming white...if you stare at her too long, you'll get snow blindness (heh) so I'm not sure what happened...did she pull a Michael Jackson?  Ironically enough, I have also convinced people that I am joke. I don't even know how many black guys I've convinced that I'm black...The conversation usually goes something like this:
Me: Whatchu talkin bout? Course I'm black!
Black Man: Girl you white.
Me: (expletive) please, just cuz I look white don't mean my daddy ain't black!
Black man: oh! My bad, my bad; I'm sorry girl
Me: Yeah wateva. 
No joke, I have literally had that exact conversation before. 

3. My Favorites: Artists= Salvador Dali and Roy Lichtenstein; Favorite Food= my mom's pasta primavera and Marzetti's ranch veggie dip; Favorite Colors= fluorescent pink, black & white (color scheme for my bedroom), and lime green....and red; Favorite TV Shows= Lie to Me, Bones, House, Family Guy (I watched that show way before all those frat guys grr), and Criminal Minds <3; Favorite Movies=Tristan+Isolde and Life is Beautiful.

4.You (Don't) Know Where I've Been: I've never been to Mexico but I've been to China, Japan, Jamaica (for a mission trip...I built a house, brought clean water and a water purification system to people who needed it, and visited an orphanage), Chile, Canada (doesn't really count as another country because I'm from Minnesota originally); Germany <3, France (barely), Italy, and Spain...I think I got em all.

5. All in the Family: I have a very loving, freakishly tall, quirky family.( We have a picture of Saint Eugene de Mazenoid...aka the Patron Saint of Dysfunctional Families, hanging in our kitchen. ) I have a mom and a dad who are still (usually) happily married, a bonus brother and a "regular" brother, two sisters, and two cats. I'm the baby in the family unfortunately but all us kids are pretty close in age. My bonus brother has 3 adorable kids and a gorgeous wife; my otha brotha is married to a great gal (I'm not sure how much my parents had to pay her for that) and they have 2 beautiful kids. My oldest sister is in med school and  is married to a pretty awesome guy and together they have a clone of me--my niece Annika. Finally my other sister is also in med school and making me look stupid everyday with her utter brilliance.

That's me in the middle doing my Home Alone face.

6. Obsessions: Well I have OCD but that's not what this is about lol...I'm obsessed with Victoria's Secret and Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream (words have not yet been invented to capture the sheer awesomeness that is Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream...when it is legal, I shall marry it) I'm also obsessed with learning facts and making people laugh :-) oh and the Sims 3.

7. Phobias: I don't like calling my fears phobias because, well, my fears are normal. I mean there are people who are afraid of death and public speaking; that's just stupid...we're all going to die one day and chances are pretty good that you're going to have to speak in public. Me, I'm afraid of sharks.Tell me that isn't a rational fear...I dare you! FDR once said: "There's nothing to fear but fear itself." I'm pretty sure he was referring to sharks as "fear itself," I might be wrong but let's face it...I'm not. When I first saw Jaws I was fuh-reaked out! I remember whenever I would have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go potty I would fear that the pink carpet (really more of a salmon was the 90s) would randomly turn into the ocean and that Jaws would eat me. I always reassured myself though that that wasn't rational...I'd think to myself, "Jennie don't be an idiot; you know sharks don't live in's too cold." (Notice I didn't say "Jennie don't be an idiot; you know the salmon-colored carpet can't turn into the ocean.") But then....we moved to Florida, less than a mile from the beach and yes sharks could live in Florida...but I didn't let my fears get out of control. Recently however, I moved to my own place in Arizona and when I was cleaning one day you know what I found? A shark's tooth in the middle of the carpeted floor of my bedroom. I fuh-lipped: "OMG the carpet can turn into the ocean...even in a landlocked state like Arizona." 

Now that you know all about are the 15 bloggers who I think deserve this illustrious award:


  1. Thanks so much for that award! That's so sweet!

    I love that picture of you in front of the Christmas tree. It's so funny! I also really want to try convincing someone that I'm black.

  2. Aw, thanks for the award!

    I laughed out loud at your conversation with a black man. Also, I love that you wanted to be a biking nun when you were four. I wanted to be a "librarian hippy Elvis." Whatever that means.

  3. Yay! Thank you! Geez... seven more facts... I have to make this one GOOD. =]

  4. @all: You are all most definitely welcome!!
    @ Kate: It really doesn't take much work!

    @Lauren: I used to do amazing Elvis impersonations as a joke

  5. aw i love this!
    - you were such a cute little girl!
    - lmaoooo at that black man convo!! i once met this half-black guy who must've been like really confused about his identity cuz he drove this big truck that had a confederate flag bumper sticker. i was like "'re black." he was all "but my momma's white!" lol.
    - what does a "bonus brother" mean??
    - when i read your fear of the carpet turning into the ocean, i was like 'come on, jennie!' lol but then i realized when i was little, i was afraid of both showers and ceiling fans in fear that they would turn into spiders!
    - that's absolutely crazyyy that you found a shark's tooth in your room! it's like if we have a fear, strange things just have to happen, right?
    side note: you should take pics of your apt and school! i've never been to arizona, i want to see what it looks like lol.
    ok that's all for now!

  6. I was cute huh?
    That black man reminds me of the Chapell Show episode where a blind black man is in the KKK

    Bonus brother= 1/2 brother but Shawn (Stuart's sister) doesn't like when I call him a 1/2 brother

    I feel like my fears were more rational than yours :p

    I will take pictures this weekend JUST for you!!


  7. Thanks!

    Sadly, I've taken a vow of silence in regards to "7 questions" and other award stuff. I just can't bring myself to do it.

    Glad you liked it though... I'm already 4 month's late for the new monthly post. Probably have to do something about that...

    love the old pics!


  8. Thank you so much for thinking of me and giving me the award!

    Oh and I love Salvador Dali and also have OCD. I'll probably put a little something about that in my random facts... we'll see.