Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Facts Friday: Sleepytime!

In honor of my sleep study tonight, I thought it would be fitting to do a FFF post on sleep! Because who doesn't love sleep?(Other than me of course!?)

  1. The sleepiest animal on the planet is the koala! Followed closely by the sloth, cats, and ME!
  2. 1 in 6 fatal car accidents are the result of one of the driver's fatigue
  3. The effect of being awake for 17 hours straight in terms of performance is equivalent to having a BAC of 0.05!
  4. During the teenage years, the biological sleep pattern shifts toward later times in both going to bed and waking up; it is natural for a teen not to be able to fall asleep until around 11pm or later.
  5. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, "violent dreamers are 50%  more likely to develop a neurological illness [such as Parkinson's Disease or dementia] later in life.
So there ya go!


  1. 3. I saw that being tested on Mythbusters! It is actually more dangerous to drive exhausted than tipsy according to the show.

  2. I thought the sloth was the sleepiest! haha, have a great weekend!

  3. #3 explains why you get giddy/drunk feeling when sleep deprived! Love it! Keep the random facts coming. I couldn't ever get enough. :)

  4. @Caryn: I saw that one too! Don't you love Mythbusters!? I reject your reality and substitute my own!

    @theTsaritsa: me too!

    @beanditch: Fun Facts are my middle I shall continue to post them!