Monday, January 10, 2011

What Was God Thinking When He Made Me?!?!

You know that saying: "God has a sense of humor--just look at the platypus." Yeah well I'm the platypus. Literally! (Well..not literally, obviously I'm not an actual platypus; they don't have fingers and can't type...duh. )

Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself: What the @#!$ was God thinking when he made me? Surriously! It's like he was just feeling lazy: "Oh hmm..Mike and Cate want another baby? Let's just slap this together and badaboom badabing DONE!" I mean, I've always questioned why he made me as...special personality-wise as he did but now that I'm reasonably sure this is what I'm stuck looking like for the rest of my life I can't help but wonder what he was thinking in terms of my appearance.

I'm a mish-mash (that's a technical term). I'm freakishly tall but wayyy too curvy...I look like a stretched out hourglass; I'm pale as a ghost (or cocaine as someone once said...bizarre I know) but have the bone structure of a Native American; I have wide childbearing hips yet children are definitely not in my future (I don't want to pass this hot mess on); I have bones sticking out everywhere yet I am most definitely not skinny (seriously it's like you can see every single bone in my ribs are almost as prominent as my boobs);

Ayayayay Dios!!! Por quĂ©??? 

Anywho...That's all for now folks!

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  1. Wait, isn't "tall and curvy" basically the build that most people find attractive? The "hourglass" figure ideal is still a pretty reliable standby, too. Something makes me suspect you're prettier than you previously claimed to be.
    Also, if your ribs are clearly visible, then you are, by definition, skinny.

    Based on your own account, I'm now pretty sure you're making a lot of people at your gym feel inferior, just as they're making you feel inferior. Perhaps God does have a sense of humor after all, huh? :)

  2. There's such thing as too tall and too curvy lol. The weird thing is that even though my ribs are visible I'm not skinny...I think I just have prominent bones.
    I'm pretty sure no one could make those Barbies feel inferior lol

  3. you are beautiful, baby jen! loooooooooove you!

  4. No one... except *themselves*!!!

    There are a small proportion of people who indeed can't be made to feel inferior and a few of those Barbies are probably in that fraction. But I'd guess most of them, though not all, have some body image/other self-esteem issues regardless of who's around them.

    Being very tall has advantages, too. When you're the only one around who can reach that high shelf... etc.

    You will find someone who thinks you are perfect someday, don't worry. (And maybe you end up creating someone who thinks that, too!)

  5. You always bring up such good points! Thanks for being such an active commenter!
    Hey my cats think I'm perfect...I hope! I bribe them with enough t-r-e-a-t-s. lol