Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Foods from my childhood...aka the 90s

In continuing with my theme of "stuff from my childhood," I present to you the final chapter: food from my childhood. Hope you dig what I'm throwing down!

I know what you're thinking-- "food from your childhood? But hasn't changed much! What, are you going to talk about how apples used to be smaller and e.Coli wasn't in everything back in the day?"
Why no kind sir, I'm going to talk about the fun snacks, cereals, and such that are no longer around, depriving kids everywhere of their amazing awesomeness!

1. Fruit-By-The-Foot
You may say it's still around but I say NO SIR IT IS NOT! All they have nowadays is that ridiculous tie dye flavor (what kind of flavor is that? were they that indecisive that they could flippin pick a flippin flavor?!?) and strawberry. Now, I like strawberry and all, don't get me wrong, but WHERE THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS THE GRAPE?!?!? Where I ask you?! WHERE?!?! Fruit-by-the-foot just isn't the same *sob* without that amazing grape flavor. Oh how I miss it!

2. Dunkaroos!
Who remembers Dunkaroos? I do I do! Oh my goodness I flippin loved those things! Small graham cracker-like cookies in an airtight single-serving pack all cuddled up to a small serving of creamy chocolate to dip them in! Sigh those things were OMGasmic! Although, I'm not gonna lie, I hated having to ration the chocolate dip...I feel like there wasn't a good cookie -to-chocolate-ratio. Fun fact of the day: If you get a box of graham crackers and a tub of chocolate icing you have insta-Dunkaroos!! Your welcome!

3. String Thing
It might be a horrible name and not terrible satisfying but it was a nifty and tasty snack. For those of you who aren't gangstas like me, String Things were these fruit snacks that were long, thin and string-like that came on these paper trays and were wound into these crazy designs which you quickly devoured. One time...I got one in the shape of sunglasses. I tried to hold them up to my eyes like a B.A. but it didn't work so well once I took the paper tray was just a mass of fruit string (what a letdown).

4. Trix
Ahhh I miss the days when Trix wasn't just a bunch of multi-colored balls...back in the day, every color was a different fruit. I remember when I wrote in and voted on what the new fruit should be--it wound up being this flower with turqoise petals and a pinkish center (don't ask me how that was a fruit...). I used to eat the fruits separately even though they all tasted the exact same. I miss them horribly...even though the bananas were a bit too sharp for my liking; they always poked my mouth :(

5. Grape Bubble Tape
If you know me IRL then you know that I'm trying to bring Bubble Tape back (your welcome). You should see kids' envious faces when they see me break out a roll...of Bubble Tape. Yeah I know I'm a badass! I can decide how long a stick of bubble gum should be...can YOU? Ha in yo face! Anywho, they still sell the original flavor, and even Blue Raspberry...but alas they no longer sell Grape (trust me I've checked everywhere)! What is up with that?!?!?!?! I swear there is a huge conspiracy against grape flavored stuff! The anti-grape people are slowly but surely eliminating grape--next thing you know, they'll quit making grape Jolly Ranchers..hell even grape cough syrup! And then what will become of us? Kids will stop drinking too much cough medicine because it doesn't taste like a grape and a sugar cube had a baby..and that baby became cough medicine. WE CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN! Say no to Anti-Grapism! Grape Lovers of the world unite!!

On that note, that's all for now folks!
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  1. ok I loved fruit by the foot---not so much the dunkaroos. And bubble tape was my favorite gum..but just not in the grape flavor!

  2. You ever have those animal like cracker cereal? I forget what it was called... Crispy Critters I think? OM my bro and I LOVED that!

  3. *chest pound* Unite! Grape might be the best flavor out there... and THANK YOU so much for mentioning Dunk-a-roos. Whenever I mention them I am answered by blank stares from the eyes of those who knew no real childhood.

  4. i've never heard of dunkaroos. i missed out.
    and you seem a little too obsessed with grape lol.

  5. The Dunkaroo frosting to cookie ratio was way too low. I remember hating the same thing about them. And just a thought: Tub of frosting + Animal Crackers= even better than graham crackers! (less crumbly and more true to the original)
    Also, did you ever have rice crispy treats cereal!@??@ that's def no longer in production. Disgustingly sweet and good.

  6. @Me: good call! I hate when I leave a man down in the frosting :/
    And of course I ate Rice Krispie Treats cereal...and dentists and teachers everywhere are thankful for their extinction!