Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rant: Carpet Cleaning Catastrophe

Today started out great...
I woke up early and got a bunch done. I even ticked off everything on my To-Do-List. So how then, in 4 hours, did things go wrong so quickly and disastrously? I have no idea...but here's what happened: I decided to rent a carpet cleaning machine. (duh duh duh!!!)

I headed over to Ace Hardware to rent said carpet cleaner. I got the cleaning solution, the machine and the upholstery cleaner...check check and check. If it hadn't been for the guy helping me who kept calling me love (no unfortunately he wasn't British...just a creeper with a missing tooth) it would have been an ideal trip to the store.

Before I headed home I went to the library, returned some books and checked out 16 more :D I wassss going to check out more but they didn't have the first book in 2 series I wanted to start. Who the heck does that?!?!?!

Finally I headed back to my place where I lugged the carpet cleaner machine and assorted accessories into the house. I was pleased to see upon arrival that Choop aka Big Spenda (my cat) had not peed on my bed again! Yay for small victories!!!
And then I started cleaning...the plot thickens!!!!

So I cleaned everything off my floor, bed, couch etc and moved things around. I vacuumed thoroughly as per the directions on the bottle of carpet cleaner then carefully measured the HOT water and cleaner and poured in to the machine. Instant disaster! Water everywhere! I figured I just overflowed it. I mopped up the puddle and brought the machine out to my family room and set it on the carpet.

I was examining the upholstery attachment to see how it attached to the machine when looked over and saw a massive puddle of water...all around me and my T.V. (which happens to be on the floor because I have yet to find a corner entertainment cart worthy of my amazingly high-tech (ironyyyy) beast of a T.V.)  With cat-like reflexes I pranced into my closet and grabbed a towel, then tried to soak up the mess; I wheeled the gargantuan contraption back into my room thinking that I could solve the problem by starting up the machine and getting rid of some of the excess water by cleaning part of the carpet in my room.

It worked!!! No ginormous puddles. Sooo then I decided to clean my mattress which was the whole point of getting the carpet cleaner thanks to the Eau de Choop Urine on my mattress (and couch)(granted I had actually cleaned up everything thoroughly but eh OCD). Well, I examined the upholstery attachment and after about 20 minutes of fiddling with it I managed to get it on...but it didn't work...I thought I was just an idiot so I fiddled some more. No go! The suction worked but the spray didn't come out. I decided to humble myself and call A.C.E. The customer service rep informed me that I did it right but there was obviously something wrong with the hose so I needed to return it. After I hung up I tried some more and it still didn't work so I thought I'd get rid of all the cleaning solution by cleaning the carpet again. shorted out...over and over. I reluctantly admitted defeat.

I needed to get rid of the 5 gallons of water in the machine so I went on my patio dumped the water and managed to wheel it out to my station wagon AND get it in the trunk using my back since the trunk won't stay up by itself.
I managed to get to ACE 5 minutes before they closed and they gave me a full refund! YAYYY!

I jumped in my car and was driving back to my place and decided to give Fry's a call and see if they had carpet cleaning machines. They did!!! I told the lady I'd be right there.

10 minutes later after securing an excellent parking spot I walked up to customer service at Fry's. The jerkasauraus of a cashier ignored me. So I worked up my courage and asked who I was supposed to talk to in order to rent a Rug Doctor. The kid looks at me and goes: "We quit renting them out for the night. We only rent them out from 8am-8pm. It was exactly 8:03 pm. So I says to the guy as I'm staring right at the machines: "But I called a few minutes ago and a woman told me to come in."
My arch nemesis said "Sorry it's too late."

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