Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Confessional Pt ?

G'day mates!
Another Sunday, another wasted weekend! And lucky for y'all, another confessional! And away we go!

#1: This is hard to admit but *gulp* but my cat Shnookums aka Choop has a drinking problem.
Unfortunately A.A. is not nearly as welcoming as they claim because when I brought him in they were less than friendly. Jerks.
But no seriously. Choop has kidney failure so he is constantly drinking water. He even has a drinking fountain that purifies the water!

#2: I'm struggling with Arabic this semester. I got an A+ last semester but I honestly think it was just because the teacher loved me. We didn't learn nearly enough and now I'm behind in this semester's class since they all had a different teacher. Ugh

#3: I most likely have Aspergers. I was diagnosed with a NVLD when I was a kid but now my doctor is thinking it's more likely that it's Aspergers which is weird because I totally understand figurative should see me in my Hispanic Literature class!

#4: My dearly departed AWESOME dog KJ was a swimsuit model. Not really, but my sister took a photo of him on the beach near our house in Florida and his hair was all a-flowin' and I thought to myself "if dogs had a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, my dog would totally be on the cover" lol.

#5: I clearly have an unhealthy attachment to my pets lol.

But yep, that's all for now folks!

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  1. Awwww poor kitty!

    KJ is totes rocking that swimsuit. <3

  2. I know :-( I feel so bad for Choop

    and yeah KJ was one bad ass motha f*$#@a

  3. It's because pets are the best. Un-judging, understanding, full of the awesome.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on, sunshine. *hugs*

  4. omg! my computer's been broken and i finallyyyy got a chance to get online and i need to get caught up on sooo much!!! sorry i've been mia! ahhh!
    this pic is hilarious!