Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monthly Goals!!!

Okey dokey so I'm going to be posting a bunch of posts after this one but I wanted to keep em all separate because that's how I roll ya know??
Any who, research shows that if you tell people what your goals are, you're more likely to follow through and accomplish those goals so what better way than to post em here?
My big goal for this month is something I need YOUR help for: I want to reach 500 page views this month!!! So tell your friends, lovers, neighbors, cats with opposable thumbs, and even that homeless guy down the street to head on over to my site! It'll be a grand ole time!!

Another thing I want to accomplish: I want to lose 7 pounds!

And that's all for now folks!



  1. Ah, goals. I know them well. Goals are the best. I hope you meet yours. =]

  2. With the following month having begun, I'm willing to bet you didn't reach 7 pounds... (sorry to make you feel bad about this ~_^ ) and the reason I think that is because 7 pounds is a *lot* to lose in only 1 month. The weight-loss advice I've seen in past research says that the maximum safe/healthy rate of weight loss is about *one* pound per week. If you lose more than 4 pounds in a month, you're doing it wrong. So a more realistic goal from now on would probably be about half what you tried for last month... good luck with that. :)

  3. Ha! How wrong you are! I lost 14 pounds this month...but not really's really because I'm on a new preventative medication for my migraines lol

  4. Hmm, well I eat your humble pie, but 14 pounds in a month does not sound good for you at all... I'd seriously suggest you check with your doctor and make sure everything's okay and there's no serious health problems going on here.
    In any case, good luck, still.