Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Clear Winner in Honey-Flavored Greek Yogurt!

Greek Gods' honey-flavored greek yogurt is delish but it has just a few hundred calories too many than I'm willing to spend on something that's sposed to be healthy; and greek yogurt is in fact healthier than its wimpy American counterpart: can you say protein (it's pronounced pro-teen)?!?! I've been trying to eat healithier lately and that's lead me on a quest to find a healthier, but still tasty, variety of honey-flavored Greek yogurt. I know there are tons of reviews out there reviewing other flavors of Greek yogurt, but there are none out there for honey (RACISTS, trust me I've actually checked. So I went to three different grocery stores, I kid you not, and picked up a slew of different brands of yogurt and the results were oh-so-conclusive; but alas, in order to find out who the Big Kahuna is, you'll have to read on!

#4: Oikos
(In VERY last place) Yuck. Just yuck. I am not exaggerating when I say I literally almost vomited when I ate this yogurt. If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of having the stomach flu, then you know what stomach acid tastes like. Well, if you were to mix some yogurt with that and put it in a yogurt container, seal it up, and send it off to the grocery store to be sold for a ridiculous amount of money, you would be the Oikos company, because that is clearly what they did. I did not taste any honey, or any yogurt for that matter, just a horrible very bad no good overpriced blob of stomach acid. Needless to say, I don't recommend this yogurt.

Tied for the #2 spot: Fage and Open Nature:
Fage is a favorite in the Greek yogurt world and I see why: they're product is so creamy it's almost custard-like! Plus it has really honey on the side! My one gripe is that the honey didn't seem to mix well, both physically and taste-wise, with the actual yogurt!
Open Nature is a fairly new brand but I think it's going to wind up with quite the following if for no other reason than their 6 oz container of organic honey-flavored Greek yogurt containing only 140 calories and 16 grams of PROTEIN! 16! That's more than some protein bars! Plus it tastes pretty darn good!

#1: Dannon Greek!
What a surprise huh? I highly highly recommend this yogurt! It is everything I want in my Greek yogurt-- low in calories, high in protein, creamy consistency, delicate honey flavor. It is mmm mmmmmmmm good! I mean day-um! I'm glad I bought 3 of these bad boys on a whim when I was at the grocery store because they are so going to be one of my new breakfast staples!
Also, if you're like me and trying to find a filling breakfast look no further...I have found a great combo: oatmeal with wheat germ, an orange (high in fiber and super high up on the satiety index) and a container of Dannon's Greek yogurt! Nom nom nom nom!

Your welcome lol!

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  1. I am so glad you posted this! I was just talking with my family yesterday about my lack of calcium/yogurt intake. (I am lactose intolerant) and we were saying I should give Greek yogurt a try. Is this the preferred brand for all flavors or just honey? I will definitely try out your suggestion! thanks!

  2. No problem!! Just a heads up: Greek yogurt has a tang to it that regular yogurt doesnt. Most of the brands I've mentioned are considered to be the best. Although Chobani is also highly recommended by Greek yogurt lovers. Although Dannon has gotten good reviews in all flavors