Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poetry Post

So I finally tackled some of the squalor that has become my condo and as I was cleaning my office I unearthed copies of the poetry magazine from my high school. As I thumbed through issue after issue and read over some of my old work, I realized I haven't written any poetry in eons! Which is downright bizarre considering I have stacks of notebooks filled with my poetry. It used to be my refuge; my solace. So I sat down the other night, slightly sleep-deprived and I wrote some poems. I hope you like them. 

We are Numbers 

We are a series of numbers
Social Security number
Drivers license number
Student ID number
Patient number

You take an exam,
You fill in your number
Your name, irrelevant

You call your doctor
You tell her your patient number
Your name, an afterthought

We are just another number in an endless sea of numbers
Undulating wildly
Ebbing and flowing
But always a number
Just 1 of many



Dreams stay with me like a heavy fog that won't lift
Won't let go
Entangling in my reality
Blurring the lines
Which is which
Each leaking into the next
Reality, Dream, Indiscernible
They become totally, utterly enmeshed
Become one singular entity

What happened
What didn't
What was dreamt
What was done

That once faint  blurred line

So what did you think??

That's all for now folks!
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  1. I think you should write poetry more often. My favorite is Dreams!

  2. You're so right about numbers...a thousand permutations and combinations of ten digits define us these days. I wonder if the world still cares about the faces hiding behind those numbers...

  3. My favourite is Dreams too! Keep up the writing:)

  4. I think these are brief, interesting poems. I especially found the one about numbers to be interesting and relevant.

  5. Wow - those are really good. I especially like the numbers one. It is oh-so-true.